AutoML for Vision
with Fully Homomorphic Encryption
AutoFHE Vision ensures the utmost security for your sensitive images by utilizing quantum-safe homomorphic encryption technology from CryptoLab for cloud-based automated machine learning (AutoML).
Beta Service is coming soon. Please make a reservation for a free trial.
sensitive imagesensitive image

"Is it okay to share your photos

to the cloud?"

Privacy-preserving Image Classification

By utilizing the powerful features of HEaaN.SDK, which incorporates the source technology of homomorphic encryption developed by CryptoLab, it not only fundamentally prevents data leakage that may occur in networks and clouds, but also provides the best encryption learning performance.

4 Steps are All you Need

4 steps are all it takes to classify your images using AutoFHE. The model is ready for immediate integration into your application and service. Please check this video clip.

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